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24 Hour Solo

A bold solo effort to complete the 600km in 24 hours . This is the ultimate challenge and completion will result in qualification for the prestigious Race Across America (RAAM). No drafting*


24 Hour Team

Previously called Ultra. Riders will participate in teams not exceeding 5 and are allowed to ride together to complete the 600 km in 24 hours. Drafting* is allowed


Per Rider

Per Rider

24 Hour Relay

Teams of 2 to 5 riders will take designated Stages/Legs and complete the race in 24 hours .Each stage rider will be required to complete a designated Stage and hand it over to a team member. The power play option is explained in the rule book.  The accumulated timing of the team is considered for the ranking. No drafting*


Team Totel

Two day Challenge

A category for aspiring ultra-endurance riders to give this herculean challenge a go with the comfort of a 30 hour cut off time. No drafting*


100 Plus Time Trial

Clock your official time trial  and be part of the Race The Pearl  family. No drafting*



Have you done RTP before?

Well done! this is a big decision, we will connect to confirm the details 

 5th edition on 5 Nov 2022

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