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Travel & Lodging

Traveling to Jaffna for the race itself is an experience. Most riders and support crew will travel a day or two before to Jaffna (clickable)  the main town closest to the race starting point Point Pedro (clickable)


AC Bus 


Bike Transport 



Transport OptionS

There are a couple of train options, both day & night 

Ticket Price:  Rs 1500/ 

Train Schedule 

Jetwing Jaffna- Jaffna

Tulip Guest Inn-point Pedro


There are a couple of  bus options, both day and night 

Ticket Price: 1000/-

Bus Schedule

Spinner Is able to transport your bicycle to a specified location in Jaffna if handed over one week prior to the  race at an approximate cost of Rs 2000/-  (One way) 

How to book 

guest houses

Jaffna peninsula becomes more exotic as you hit the inner cities. Be mindful not to always expect luxury standards as these small business owners are rebuilding their businesses through ups and downs and don't get fancy travelers all the time. Before booking ask around to see the latest conditions of the property. Most come early and stay in Jaffna and then move to a smaller guest house, motel in Point Pedro  close to the race 


hotel Options

If you are looking for luxury lodging it has to be Jaffna main town which is 30 km away from the race start and a 45-minute drive. There are small scale basic motels options close to Point Pedro which needs to be booked after checking on the latest conditions

North Gate By Jetwing-Jaffna

tango hotel


lihini village hotel

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