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600 km ultra-endurance cycling race held in Sri Lanka for the 6th consecutive time on  Dec 08th 2024

distence of the Race



terrain on the race

ave 27°C/81°F

Temp of the Race

The countdown has begun

the most epic, exotic &
24 hour cycle race in the indian ocean

Race the pearl 24 hour Riders getting ready
RaceThePearl Map

Race the pearl

From the Northernmost tip of Sri Lanka at Point Pedro to the Southernmost tip the Dondra Head . 600 km from coast to coast. At Dambulla the route will turn towards Elahara

The 24 hours that can change your life.

from coast to coast ,night and day, sun and rain through bustling towns and empty roads...

official qualifier


The most prestigious

ultra race since 1982. #RAAM

Pearl jersay

the pearl jersey
made in sri lanka


The illusive Pearl Jersey is inspired by the uniquely natural beauty of the tropical island of Sri lanka , the  glamoroues peacock , majectic elephant and the stealthy leopard . The dream possesion of every 24 hour ultra cyclist


Race the pearl 2019 24 hour Winner

ABOUT the race

'The most Epic, Exotic & Exhilarating Ultra-Endurance

Bicycle Race in the Indian Ocean'

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United Kingdom Flag

Toby read

24 hours solo
winner of rtp 2023

francois camptdear

France Flag

24 hours solo
winner of rtp 2019

24 hour solo
female record holder
rtp 2023

pippa langan

United Kingdom Flag

Comandar Ravi Weeraperuma

Sr lanken Flag

24 hour RELAY team
rtp 2023 

race news

life time athlete

corporate relay team 

school teacher

race news

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