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Building a Relay Team

Team Relay is an amazing team project experience in real life, A team could comprise of up to  5 riders out of which one could be assigned the Power Play role .A power play rider can ride  up to 30 km on behalf of the team  for strategic reasons , to give a break to a rider or during an injury .

The Rise of Corporate Athleticism and The Importance of Corporate Wellness

Endurance events like cycling, running, and triathlons have long been associated with physical fitness and personal achievement. However, these challenges are not limited to individual accomplishments. In recent years, they have gained popularity as corporate wellness activities that foster teamwork, camaraderie, and employee engagement. Let's draw inspiration from real-life stories of Race Across America (RAAM) teams, RACE THE PEARL and similar events. In a fast-paced corporate world, maintaining employee wellness has become a top priority for organizations. Work from practices requires a renewed approach to get the social interactions going . Healthy employees are not only more productive but also happier and more engaged at work. Corporate wellness programs aim to promote physical and mental health, reduce stress, and foster a sense of belonging among employees. Building on the above bringing back the healthy competitiveness that surfaces the heroes among is a key pillar of employee engagement and these ordinary men and women achieving extraordinary achievements inspires the teams around them



The Role of Endurance Events

The physical challenges these events present push participants to their limits, encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles and build resilience. Furthermore, these events often require participants to work together as a team, strengthening workplace relationships and fostering a sense of unity.


Corporate Teams in Endurance Events

RTP is believed to be the most epic . exotic and ehilleratted cycling challenge in the Indian Ocean . 600 km Race from North to the South , Coast to Coast of Sri Lanka , the Pearl of The Indian Ocean . While traditionally a solo endeavor, RTP has seen the emergence of corporate teams aiming to conquer this epic challenge.The bonus is the significant media attention, enhancing the company's brand image and attracting new talent which can be channeled to inspire others as well as for good cause


Building Bridges: Cross-Company Teams

The physical challenges these events present push participants to their limits, encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles and build resilience. Furthermore, these events often require participants to work together as a team, strengthening workplace relationships and fostering a sense of unity.



Family and Colleague Support

Participating in endurance events is a significant commitment, and having the support of family and colleagues can make all the difference. Their encouragement and assistance during training and the event itself can be a game-changer.


Balancing Work, Family, and Training

Maintaining work-life balance while training for an endurance event can be challenging. Many corporate athletes find success by involving their families and colleagues in their journey, turning it into a shared endeavor.


Building a Corporate Wellness Culture

Companies that encourage participation in endurance events often experience improved employee morale, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity. To foster a corporate wellness culture, organizations can:


Provide fitness incentives, such as gym memberships or wellness programs


Offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate training schedules.


Encourage participation in local races and events.


Form internal wellness committees to organize wellness challenges and activities.

Sysco Labs Sri Lanka- a Committed Race The Pearl Journey

A leading technology company established a contagious cycling culture spreading to employees from various departments. The pre-planning coming from the inherent strength of being a leading tech company helped bring work excellence to play. The Race The Pearl not only enhanced the company's image but also strengthened bonds among team members.

Brandix Sri Lanka - A Story of resillience Doing it The #RITEWay

Brandix a leading apparel manufacturer of Sri Lanka always had employee wellness as a priority . Covid- 19 pandemic is what gave a boost to this with cycling becoming an interesting and practical option for transportation . While the team had been part of Race The Pear since 2021 weathering some great challenges. This foundation brought a resilient team to the start line in 2022 widely supported by the whole organization while becoming a Sponsor for the event as Values partner. The team brought the values of Respect , Integrity, Team work and Execution ( RITE) from the workplace and shared it with the other teams as formula for success

Expanding Corporate Athleticism

As the benefits of corporate athleticism become increasingly apparent, more organizations are likely to adopt similar initiatives. This trend will not only improve employee wellness but also enhance corporate social responsibility efforts and brand image.

Encouraging More Stories of Success

By sharing stories of corporate teams conquering endurance events, we can inspire other organizations to embark on similar journeys. These stories serve as a reminder that with dedication, teamwork, and support, almost any challenge can be overcome. Endurance events Race The Pearl provide an exciting platform for building corporate wellness and teamwork. Real-life stories of own teams and other corporate athletes illustrate how these challenges can transform organizations and the lives of their employees. By fostering a culture of fitness and teamwork, companies can not only improve their employees' health and well-being but also create a stronger, more cohesive workforce that excels both in and out of the office.

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Team Relay Stage

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Stage 1 - vavuniya
Stage 2 - Dumbulla
Stage 3 - mahiyanganaya
Stage 4 -
Stage 5 - dikwella

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