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race the pearl


yasas hewage

You've probably heard of Race Across America (RAAM), Race Across Europe & Ironman Triathlon,  but there is nothing like #RaceThePearl. It's long enough to push your body and mind to boundaries beyond imagination, feast your eyes in the glory of nature, Let your mind float searching for answers to life and still be at work on Monday morning. There is nothing else like it!

Welcome to The Pearl of the Indian Ocean ..!
Race Director 
Sri Lanka's First Ever Ultra Endurance C


Live Life Beyond Limits

RACE THE PEARL is a 24 Hr Cycling Challenge that will push all known physical and mental boundaries in an attempt to ride a bicycle across Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Some will Race and some will Ride. The route is between the furthest two points of Point Pedro and Dondra head and will almost bisect the island and take you through a varied mix of terrain of pan-flat straight-arrow roads, mild uphills and downhills, green and barren land, while riding through day and night, rain and shine. An Exhilarating, Exotic, and Epic Endurance Challenge that stacks up against and beyond any Ultra Endurance Event in the World. The men & women of steel who complete this will cherish the prestigious ' Pearl Jersey ' and add to the collection of stories of livening life beyond limits.

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